Safety is our number one priority

Safety is our number one priority.  We have worked hard to foster a corporate culture where employee safety is the driving force of success.  Our employees are our greatest asset.  Their participation in building a safe work environment is advocated through company meetings at all levels; from tailgate meetings to annual corporate safety reviews, we work as a team.  Everyone at F&A understands what it means to be on the team.

We maintain a low incident rate and high safety rating by hiring skilled and experienced workers, employing in-house field auditors to oversee projects and ensure all safety requirements have been met, and by utilizing an intricate system of checks and balances.

Our Safety Program provides us with a reliable method of tracking trends of safe and at-risk behavior of individual project sites. With this system, if a problem were to arise, the issue can be taken care of immediately, and future training can be planned accordingly. Each employee is responsible for preventing accidents. The key to prevention is through constant observation and understanding all aspects of operations no matter what job level the employee holds.

Affiliated with:

  • Safety Alliance
  • ISNetworld
  • Veriforce
  • National Safety Council
  • Alliance – Safety Council
  • Mississippi 811
  • OSHA

From executive management to field crews, our goal is the same,
to all go home to our families every day.

We deliver through:


Good communication solves problems before they begin.  Training programs, at all levels, teach our employees that constant communication during every phase of the job prevents accidents and expedites project momentum.

Qualified Personnel

Forrester & Associates hires qualified employees, guaranteeing all individual working on any type of project have appropriate Operator Qualifications to perform specific covered tasks.  All of our employees are required to undergo various levels of safety training.  We can quickly deliver compliant workers to your job site with a set of skills to meet all expectations.

Continuing Training

We are committed to providing and encouraging professional development and continued safety education for our employees and sub-contractors.  Continuous training has become a standard of our company’s culture.

At F&A, we strive for our employees to receive safety trainings and additional necessities for safe operations while performing on a project.

Employee Training Includes:

  • Avoiding Hand Tool Injuries
  • Dealing with Workplace Drug Abuse
  • Don’t Take Chances
  • Eye Protection
  • Falling or Moving Objects
  • First Aid Basics
  • Hard Hats
  • Influencing Attitudes for Safety
  • PPE Foot Protection
  • Teamwork Prevents Accidents
  • Workplace Substance Abuse
  • You Are Responsible
  • And Many Other Training Materials that Cater to the Specific Job Tasks